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When Your Divorce Agreement No Longer Reflects Your Circumstances

Years after a divorce agreement is reached and entered, life and circumstances often change. We have seen plenty of cases where the details of a divorce agreement, such as child custody and visitation or child support and alimony, no longer match the realities of life. Sometimes one of the parties no longer has sufficient income for the support demands, or the needs of one of the parties are different than what it used to be.

Our attorneys have experience with this situation, and we can help you seek the modification you need. The Holliston, Franklin, Medway and surrounding Massachusetts communities, law firm of Kenney & Kenney, Attorneys at Law has been handling family law cases and other legal practice areas cases since opening our doors in 1955.

Aspects Of A Divorce Agreement That Can Be Modified

Most aspects of a divorce agreement may be modified, including:

Change In Circumstance

The court grants modifications upon showing a change of circumstances in one of the parties or the children. It must be a substantial change in circumstances to justify the modification, for instance:

  • Loss of Job
  • Substantial in income
  • The changing needs of the child

The Process

As with all of our divorce cases, support or custody modification involves negotiating at the beginning to see if reaching a mutually agreeable modification is possible before taking it to court. If the problem can’t be resolved between the parties, we file a complaint and bring the matter to court, much like the initial divorce trial.

We can represent you in every aspect of your modification case. Either call our offices, located in Medway, Massachusetts, or contact us online for a free consultation with a lawyer.